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A Boehringer Ingelheim Medical Education Grant is designed to support independent medical education for healthcare providers and patients that may translate to better management of disease and improvement in patient safety and population health. Boehringer Ingelheim will consider support in the following therapeutic areas: Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Oncology and Endocrine Disease. Interested parties should follow the application process for more information. If you are seeking support for a certified activity, we require the Grant Applicant to be the Accredited Provider.


When completing the application, you will be asked questions related to the Disease State, Type of your Organization, and Primary Activity or Support Category. Based on the information you provided, we will be able to tell you if funding is currently available for that activity. If no Support Categories appear, you will not be able to submit the grant request.

Important Information on changes to the Reconciliation Process

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Information for Physician Payments Sunshine Act Reporting

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Click Here to review the BIPI Travel and Reimbursement guidelines. Please keep this information available when completing an application.

Online tutorial about the Medical Education Grants application process coming soon.

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Important Notice

You will receive email communications from the Boehringer Ingelheim Medical Education and Research Grants Office after registering for a User ID and/or submitting a grant application. To avoid having these emails blocked, please be sure that your email tool's spam filters are configured to allow or unblock all messages from and from